Baby Sica having tantrums. Seo Omma to the rescue.







I’ve seen the first image go around with captions about how this is what L most likely looks like, given that L is a quarter Japanese and three quarters European. But this whole image set by Bobby Raffin is way too cute! The awkward images at the end just suit L so perfectly and they’re unsettling in a way that gives the perfect impression of just how uncomfortable and bizarre a presence L is to be around.

Which is a roundabout way of saying I have the weirdest boner right now.


I like how the shirt isn’t immaculately white— even reading the manga I had the impression that for all the money this guy had to be rolling in, he should look way more like a hobo.

You know, more than he already does.

This definitely captures my mental image of the character.

Fuck. Me.

Yeah my boner isn’t even weird. It just is.

Oh dear lord gimme this man please

He made L even more attractive. 



High Speed! Translations and Summaries


So since it seems a number of people are translating/summarizing High Speed!, I thought I’d make an archive/directory post for all the summaries and translations thus far.  

Personally, I highly suggest you read all of them, especially the summaries, since different translators pick up on and include different details from the stories, so you get a number of perspectives on it. 

So without further adieu~

Sunnyskies’s art and character profile translations

Chapter 1: 

Fencer-X summary 

Makeupsyndrome summary 

Sunnyskies translation

Janeypeixies translation

Chapter 2: 

Fencer-X summary

Makeupsyndrome summary, Part 2, Part 3

Janeypeixies Translation, Part 2

Chapter 3: 

Fencer-X summary

Makeupsyndrome summary, Part 2

Janeypeixies Translation, Part 2

Chapter 4: 

Fencer-X summary

Makeupsyndrome summary

Janeypeixies Translation, Part 2

Chapter 5: 

Fencer-X summary

Makeupsyndrome summary

Janeypeixies Translation, Part 2

Chapter 6: 

Fencer-X summary

Janeypeixies translation, Part 2

Chapter 7:

Fencer-X summary, Part 2

Makeupsyndrome summary

Janeypeixies translation, Part 2

Chapter 8: 

Makeupsyndrome summary

If you know of a summary/translation that I have not included here, please message me with a link and I will happily add it! 

I will be updating this as more chapter summaries come out as well, so look forward to it.  



My AP euro teacher wouldn’t let our class watch Les Mis so we barricaded the door and screamed “VIVE LA REVOLUCIÓN” when he tried to get in.

that is the face of a man who is 24601% done




my friend was cold so I told her to stand in a corner

corners are 90 degrees

I had to lean back in my chair and stare out the window for several minutes because I am so done with this website.




hey it’s levi’s theme song


Humpty dumpty sat on the wall

Humpty dumpty had a great fall

All the king’s horses and

All the king’s men

Couldn’t put humpty

Back together again ♬

Humpty dumpty was a great man

Humpty dumpty never once ran

Yet when the time for him

To make a choice came

Once more humpty had

Lost his own game ♫

Humpty dumpty, please stop crying

Humpty dumpty please start smiling

Even though you’re no longer here

Please remember I hold you dear ♩

Biggest GPOY: Natsume Asako


I am the daughter of the Leader of the British Knights, Marquis Alexis Leon Midford: Elizabeth! The wife of the Queen's watchdog! - Elizabeth Midford.